Beautiful Adelaide has four very distinct seasons. Winter can be very cold, especially in the Adelaide Hills, and summer can be ridiculously hot! No matter where you live in this big wide world, the principles of selecting blind fabric remains the same.

Here are some of the important factors you will need to consider.

The aspect of the window.

You will need to take note of how much sun your window gets and at what time of day. Does direct sun reach the window, or is the window shaded? Consider whether privacy is an issue either day or night also.

The function of the room.

Bedrooms and rooms that get direct sun will benefit from a block-out fabric. Obviously, in a bedroom you will need the ability to have the room dark whenever it is being used for sleeping both day and night. The denser the fabric the better light control will be. We love Daintree block-out by Shaw and Kenross block-out by Mermet.

Living and utility areas often need privacy without creating darkness. Translucent fabrics are perfect for these rooms as they allow light into the room during the day-time, but can’t been seen through day or night. We love Kiribati by Bricos because of it’s gorgeous texture and modern look.

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