Roman blinds, roller blinds, holland blinds … it can all seem very confusing when you first start looking at window furnishings. Up until now you thought a roman blind was something you’d have to go to Italy to see! We’re here to help take the mystery out of selecting window furnishings; so let’s talk roman blinds.

Roman blind panels stack on top of one another.

What is a roman blind exactly? A roman blind is a flat fabric blind that when lifted, folds up in small panels. The panels stack on top of each other horizontally like a concertina. Roman blinds have a soft decorative look and are suitable for most types of rooms and decorating styles.

What are roman blinds made from? Roman blinds can be made from standard blind fabrics that are either translucent or block-out in density, or they can be made from lined drapery fabrics.

Standard blind fabrics are generally plain (no pattern) and come in different textures and contemporary neutral colours. They are woven and stiffened specifically for use in blind manufacturing. These fabrics are perfect for roman blinds where simplicity is required. We love Positano from Texstyles and Fifth Avenue by Uniline.

Amoura fabric by Harlequin

Roman blinds can also be made from drapery fabrics to add colour or pattern to a room. Most fabrics are suitable for roman blinds if a lined roman is being made, however it is best to check with your window furnishings consultant just to make sure. For something eye-catching try Harlequin Amoura Impasto fabric or Suzani in Indigo from Westbury Textiles.

What types of styles can I have? Roman blinds can be as simple or elaborate as you want. By selecting plain neutral fabrics and a straight bottom hem the roman blind will have a more contemporary style. Blinds manufactured from purpose made blind fabric will generally be made with  batons on the rear of the blind with stylish seams showing on the face of the blind. This gives a plain blind an attractive subtle feature.

Gorgeous tassel bottom trim.

Roman blinds can not only be made from different patterned and coloured drapery fabric, they can have different shaped bottom hems and trims attached for a truly custom look. Roman blinds made from drapery fabric are generally lined, so do not show the seams on the face of the fabric. This is especially good when using fabrics with large patterns so the pattern appears continuous.

Which windows are suitable for roman blinds? Most windows are suitable for roman blinds, but as these blinds are usually fitted above the window to allow for the blind to stack, therefore space above the window is necessary. By fitting the blind over the window, light control and insulation are better also. Roman blinds are excellent for small rooms where space around the window is an issue.

So before you book that plane ticket to Italy, consider some of these ‘roman’ ideas … ciao!

2 thoughts on “What is a roman blind?

    • Good question! Roman blinds have to be made from a soft pliable fabric due to the way they fold. To minimise marking you can scotch guard the fabric to make cleaning easier (always try a sample piece first before spraying the whole blind). There is no specific fabric for roman blinds that is considered to be washable, unlike roller blind fabric. The best weapon against stains on blinds is good quality plain baby wipes! I hope this helps.

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