You’ve decided to take the plunge and buy those timber shutters you’ve always wanted. You know you love the look, but who should you trust to provide you with the quality you expect?

Timber shutters are essentially carpentry, so just as you wouldn’t expect a plumber to build you a wardrobe, you need an expert to ensure your timber shutters are perfect.


Rainsfords was established in 1965 by Eric Rainsford, and was one of the first window furnishings companies in Adelaide. Eric was an innovator and at the cutting edge of technology. His company ethos has been carried through to today, as Rainsfords trusts only the most sophisticated timber shutter manufacturer to make their shutters. This means you can expect beautifully made, perfectly finished timber shutters.

The Options

Our timber shutters begin their journey with Rainsfords timber shutter experts, taking many complicated measurements to ensure an exact fit. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the following options with our consultants:

  • Blade size – 89mm or 63mm
  • Framing options
  • The number of panels for each window
  • The colour of your timber shutters


When it comes to installing timber shutters, it’s all about the fine details to achieve a seamless finish. Rainsfords professionally trained timber shutter installers ensure your shutters fit like a glove to your window. Special light block timber is fitted to the window and shutter to minimise light penetration and is finished off with gaping medium. Rainsfords installers even clean up after themselves!

So, go ahead and take the first step to owning those gorgeous timber shutters. Get the experts in and enjoy the look of your timber shutters for years to come!

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